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Adelaide Birth Photograper

There is often a misconception about birth photography, that it is gory or invasive. I would like to show you just how beautiful it can be.

Hiring a professional photographer to attend the birth of your newest family member can be an amazing experience, with memories to look back on forever. It takes the pressure off the Father/birth partner so they can be there to attend to Mum’s needs during labour and they can witness the birth themselves first hand, rather than through a lens. The images are taken in an artistic and beautiful way, so that you can share the video with family should you wish to. All images taken by us are kept completely private, unless I am given written permission to share and I can capture as much or as little of your birth as you like. With our skill and and camera knowledge, you can feel assured that we won’t miss the emotion or important moments and my presence will not interfere with the birth or your concentration, no flash is used until after the baby is born and only then it is used if it is absolutely necessary. With our skill and equipment we am highly capable of working in low light conditions, so as not to be a disturbance to the birthing mother or medical staff and we can angle ourselves to take shots that are non graphic, non controversial and modest if that is what you would prefer.

I am 15-40 minutes from most Adelaide hospitals and I am also available for home births. I have a back up photographer on stand-by ready to shoot if I become ill or if there is no way I can get there in time, so with this safety net, we are confident the birth of your newest family member/s will be captured!

The fee includes a meeting with us during your pregnancy to discuss your birth, your wishes and instructions and to meet us in person, so you can feel assured that you want us in the room during such an intimate and personal moment.

At the end you will receive a USB with a video slideshow with music compiled by me and all images in high resolution for you to print.

Baby Charlie’s parents have so generously given me permission to show you the birth of their baby boy, as captured by me. So please watch and see how his birth was carefully documented for his parents as a keepsake.

There is no graphic nature in this slideshow.



Please click the below image for the still image gallery of different types of births.


My Silver Award winning image in the documentary category of the 2013 South Australian Professional Photography Awards

APP_2014_White_TAGLINE-INAIPP Accredited Professional Photographer