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I know you don’t want to sit here reading a novel, so I’ll keep it short  ;)

I am a Mum, apparently boys are my thing… I have four of them! At times it feels like there are 16 of them!

Jordan is my teenage soccer star, Tye loves music and is my gamer boy, Ethan LOVES cars! He can be quite shy, he has Autism and although he gives us a challenge from time to time, he is lots of fun, then my baby boy (well he’s a toddler now!) is Cruz. He is VERY busy, VERY adventurous and keeps us on our toes… We should have known he would be trouble when he arrived early and was born in the car!  ;)  So, we have a very busy household, but we are never short of love and laughs!  |

I have my hands full and I am a little outnumbered in my house, so we got an au pair (Nanny) and a mini lop bunny  :)    Her name is Coco and she thinks she’s a cat…. (the bunny, not the au pair! Just incase you were wondering…)

I have travelled a bit overseas, love a good family holiday and we often go away with a bunch of friends. There are still a lot of places on my wish list to visit, Bali, France, New Zealand and USA to name a few and I would love to go back to Fiji and Japan!

Photography has always played a part in my life. I’ve studied it, worked in studios and since 2009 I have been running my own business, right here!

I have been married since 2006 to an amazing guy, we have lots in common, but we are so different as well, I guess we even each other out. We have a lot of fun and share personal jokes that other people wouldn’t get, but we make each other laugh, even if nobody else gets it!  |

Yep, I also save up and pay for professional photos of my family, it’s so much harder to take pics of your own kids, plus I’m rarely in them if I’m taking them!;)

I love outdoors, particularly the beach. Living near the beach we enjoy it a lot, but not as much as I think we should! I love boating and fishing, watersports and I used to surf a bit.


I’m easily won over with chocolate!


I love babies and weddings, so I guess you can say I’m in the right job! I see so many newborns, which gives me my baby fix and that keeps the husband happy! hehe

I’m a ‘feelings’ person, I love things for the feelings I get from them. I’m a bit of a romantic, but mostly I just love to have fun!  |


That’s ME!